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For more than 30 years, LAFCO tooling inc. has established itself as a Canadian import and stocking specialist of jig and fixture tooling components and industrial hardware to support manufacturing industries. Today, we find our products in thousands of tooling departments that help maintain fabricating and machining activities at a maximum level.

Lafco, LAFreniere COmpany, was founded by Mr. René Lafrenière in 1987.

Our head office is located in Montreal, in ANJOU'S Industrial Park, Quebec. After spending more than 20 years in St-Leonard, the company now has tripled its floor footage space and quintupled its current and future stocking capacity.

Lafco has a team of highly qualified technicians with the knowledge to serve an increasingly demanding clientele.

Today, we do business with a number of High-Technology industries from around the globe, including aerospace, robotics, military and pharmaceuticals. Our services are also valued by food, audiovisual and entertainment companies.

A significant proportion of our customers are small and mid-sized companies consisting of machine shops and design firms, as well as various manufacturing, wood, metal and plastic processing companies.

Two branches in Quebec and one outlet in Ontario provide professional and accessible services.

With its ISO 9001 certification, Lafco has a first-level quality assurance system, where delivery promises are measured within a structured continuous improvement program.