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Canons de percage en nitrure de titane (TiN)

  • Is the brittle nature of Carbide Bushings unacceptable for your application?
  • Does the quantity of bushings you require for a job make Carbide Bushings cost prohibitive?
  • Is the abrasive action of Carbide Bushings causing premature tool wear?

Acme Ultimate Bushings are the answer!

Acme Ultimate bushings are Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated for longer life. Titanium Nitride coated bushings have a hardness of 82-85 RC. This increase in surface hardness means the bushings can stand the abrasive wear of tools and chips for much longer periods of time and are less brittle than regular carbide bushings.

The TiN coating on Acme Ultimate Bushings has a very slippery surface. This slippery surface on the I.D. of the bushing will help increase tool life.

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