Canons de perçage encastrables


The Diamond-Groove type (DG) has a special knurl that provides superior holding strength in potting compounds and castable materials. The number of grooves is dependent on the length of the bushing.


The Ser-Groove (SG) bushing consists of a serration that permits the bushing to be pressed into a jig or fixture made of soft material or laminated fiberglass while maintaining its holding strength.



The Spline-Lock (SL) type bushing features a partially serrated and partially ground outside diameter. This configuration enables the bushing to be pressed into soft metals or wood.


Type SP

The SP, Serrata Press, features a special serration and a finish ground O.D., outside diameter, which makes it superior for press-in installation in soft materials, such as magnesium, aluminum, masonite, or wood.
* Points to consider when selecting a castable bushing suited for a particular application:
1. Type of material and its hardness or ductility, and groove sensitivity.
2. Maximum load to be transferred onto the bushing.